Finance 365: Cloud-Based Accounting Software

An intuitive online, web-based GST compliance accounting software that is designed for Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs). Approved by Customs Malaysia, our GST compliant software lets you take charge of your business with easy-to-use features such as stock control, invoicing, and reporting.

No installation is required. You can access our software anytime, anywhere on any of your favourite browsers. Just remember to bring the charger along.

Our accounting software protects your data with data encryptions and user access control. We ensures all data transfers between the users and the servers are secured because we know how much your data means to you.

Eager to see how your business is performing? Our accounting software lets you generate reports when you need them, no need to wait until end of the month.

With our online invoicing, you no longer has to worry about overdue payment from your customers. Definitely take the stress out of running a business.

Track your inventory, keep your stock in check and add items into orders and invoices with no hassle. Because we know, adding the hassle won't get the business done.

Take benefit of our automatic currency conversions as all foreign currency transactions are converted into your local currency in real-time. Maybe you can't speak the language but at least now, you can understand the currency.

Our software provides automatic data backup, so that you don't need to worry about data losses. So, don't fret because we got you covered.

Record, claim and manage all your expenses the easy way because when it comes to business, no expenses should be left unaccounted for.

Our online accounting software is GST-ready and has been approved by the Royal Customs of Malaysia. You do the business, we do the counting.

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